Friday, October 23, 2009

Starting from scratch...


I've just come across Bunnyfriend and Alexander's blog, TOONTOWN ANTICS. I don't know how I can compete! Obviously it was started because my busy life kept me from updating the Tattler. You guys (and other contributors) have made a phenomenal RR blog. :)

And because of that, I'm scrapping this blog next week and re-starting it. I want to do it RIGHT this time. The URL will be the same, and all the current posts I've made will be remade with all files re-uploaded (besides, I want to re-upload the RR soundtracks, since I want to make sure they're in 320kbps and the current ones aren't.)

Again, massive kudos to TOONTOWN ANTICS. And I'll be back next week to catch up with you guys... I swear it. I promise it. I mean it!! :)


Bunnyfriend said...

Wow, Sketch, thanks a lot!! This really means a lot to me, and I bet Alexander will be as thankful as I am.

What really drove me to create Toontown Antics was my love to Roger Rabbit and everything related to him or his movie. That zany bunny really changed my life and I´m really thankful to him.

Hope we can join forces in a common project in a near future. After all, we Roger Rabbit fans need to stick together =3

Alexander said...

What a great surprise to see that you are updating this blog again. Looking forward to seeing more updates from you here.