Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WFRR? Commodore 64 Game Soundtrack

Here's a rarity I've been wanting to post for a while... it's the SID chip soundtrack to the Commodore 64 Video Game for "WFRR?". This game wasn't too great, so it's sad to say that, in my opinion, it was the BEST of the three RR games (C64, NES, and Game Boy).

The artwork I've made says "Complete" but, sadly, ONE track is missing, and I've been searching for the past month for it, but I've finally decided to just post what I have.

The missing track is the one that plays during the Ink & Paint Club level... you can find a semi-good-quality version of it HERE, but it's filled with sound effects from the game so I found it unusable as an MP3.

Aside from that, enjoy the rest of the soundtrack! : )



Bunnyfriend said...

Actually, the best Roger Rabbit game out there is Hare Raising Havoc, for Amiga and PC computers (sure the Amiga version is quite superior in music and graphics). But that game isn't properly based on the movie, so maybe that's your point.

Alexander said...

Great, you've updated! I never played the game myself, but the music sounds nice. I have seen some videos of it though and does seem pretty bad.

kelinci said...

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