Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ROGER RABBIT Comic, number 3

Here's Issue #3 of the ROGER RABBIT comic book (I don't currently have Issue #2 but when I do, I'm gonna post it! lol)



Alexander said...

Swell to see you're updating more frequently. I actually scanned some of issue 2 a while back for my old blog but never posted it on Antics cause I didn't have all the pages.
Will future updates be coming more often or was it just the case with these two posts?

skeozz said...
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Sketch said...

I'm hoping to post everything I have within 2 weeks, maybe 3. I want to post one issue a day but we'll see what happens with the typical day-to-day routines of my life... lol :p

*EDIT* I removed my last comment because I accidentally linked it to my old blogger account...

SovereignThink said...

more often. The symbolism is amazing.

Check out this article;

OZ vs ToonTown – Genius All Around

Who Framed Roger Rabbit...Is this really a story about the framing an innocent corporation?